Certified countertops

Tested and approved by third party accredited institutions - Your assurance that your HORN countertop complies with strict requirements for content and production methods.
Fully certified countertops solutions

Certified countertops

In 2015, HORN started the development of the market’s first certified countertop collection: GREEN Collection.

With GREEN Collection it was our desire to introduce a sustainability-certified alternative to everyone, and therefore the collection included a wide selection of both economical and high-end products that were tested to ensure the end user’s indoor climate and improve production methods in the value chain. The collection was also tested against harmful substances and complied with strict enironmental requirements.

It still does.

But today the GREEN Collection is the HORN Collection.

As our product range is extensice, the GREEN Collection was our method to increasingly integrate sustainable development into our overall range. Today we have come so far that a development journey is planned for all of our products – regardless of which product line you are interested in. And most importantly, we have a plan to continuously learn how we can improve our overall footprint for our company in general. 


FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council®

Our primary purchases consists of wood-based products and with deforestation being one of the biggest causes of CO2 pollution, it is extremely important for us to minimize our impact. Already in 2010 the entire HORN wood range was FSC® certified. Because although wood is a renewable resource, we have to make sure that the forests are well managed to protect our ecosystems. The FSC® certification ensures that HORN's wood-based products come from responsibly managed forestry. This means that certified products not only ensure that our wood-based products do not cause deforestation - the certification also ensures that workers have the right equipment to do a safe job AND that we protect the community and areas of cultural importance.

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Indoor Air Comfort

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

B Corp

Science Based Targets initiative

Documentation on certifications

HORN's product certificates


HORN is both FSC® member and certified on all wooden countertops, as it is important to ensure that wood is traded in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the world's strictest environmental certifications, and with a high level of knowledge that makes it easy for our end users to choose among the best environmentally friendly products.

Indoor Air Comfort

Our indoor climate certification: Indoor Air Comfort, integrates international environmental standards and requirements for VOC emissions in one brand, as a guarantee of covering the entire market.

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