Solid wood

Bring nature into the kitchen
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With an exclusive solid wood countertop, you bring a piece of nature into your kitchen. Whether your dream kitchen is minimalist, romantic or traditional, solid wood adds warmth and ambience.... Læs mere

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Natural and unique material

As a natural material, each panel is unique in its composition of staves, grain and colour variations.

Easy to repair and shine up

Can be sanded and oiled to make the surface beautiful and almost look new again.

Adds warmth and soul to the room

A wooden worktop brings life and warmth to a kitchen, it requires love and maintenance.

Solid wood

With an exclusive solid wood countertop, you bring a piece of nature into your kitchen. Whether your dream kitchen is minimalist, romantic or traditional, solid wood adds warmth and ambience. It’s timeless and aesthetic. It creates a sense of authenticity and is warm and comfortable to the touch.

Thermo treatment

Why choice thermo wood?

To get a dark oak wood, a thermo treatment is required, where the single sticks are heat-treated over several days. The treatment darkens the wood and gives the staves a uniform colour throughout.

After cooling, the sticks are glued together to form a worktop, after which they are given a black oil that absorbs better due to the treatment and results in a more uniform dark surface.

Should you be unfortunate enough to get a deep scratch in the worktop, it won’t be as noticeable as the wood is dark all the way through. In comparison, an oak with black oil is only surface treated.

Due to the heat treatment, the wood will appear drier and require more frequent oiling to avoid drying out initially. For maintenance, we recommend using natural oil to maintain the original lustre.

Rustic wood

Rustic wood

If you’re looking for a rustic look in your kitchen, a rustic oak countertop might be for you. Where the solid wood countertop is made in e.g. oak, where all healthy and natural colours, structures, major and minor knots and cracks are allowed.

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Solid wood product informations


Daily cleaning is done with damp cloth.
Always remember to remove liquids, to avoid letting the wood soak.

Avoid as a rule of thumb detergent, as it dries the wood, which may result in cracks.
You can use a gentle detergent for more thorough cleaning. Thorough maintenance of solid wood worktops as required ensures a long life and the countertop retains a nice appearance.

Read more about HORNs recommendations to maintenance


Scratch resistance



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Installation of sinks

Undermilling sink in solid wood

All sinks in our programme are fixed from beneath with fittings and silicone between the sink and the wood. The sink is fixed, approx. 5.5 mm. beneath the counter top’s upper edge and is fixed in a way that allows the wooden counter top to work. The edge is phased for an attractive and wear-resistant shift between wood and sink.

Porcelain sinks must be fixed so that the counter top covers the flange of the sink. This is to ensure that the irregularities found in a porcelain sink will be hidden/evened out beneath the counter top.
It is not recommended to drill holes for the tap directly into the top, as its core is wood and will absorb moisture.

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Solid wood


Solid wood


Solid wood


Solid wood

Acacia / FSCAKXX

Solid wood

Amr. Walnut / MFSCAVXX

Type of grass

Bamboo / MFSCBAMHxx

Solid wood


Solid wood


Solid wood

Eur. Cherry / MFSCKXX

Solid wood

Eur. Walnut / MFSCEUVXX

Tropical wood


Tropical wood


Solid wood


Tropical wood

Mahogany / MFSCMAHXX

Tropical wood


Thermo wood

Thermo Ash / MFSCTAXX

Thermo wood

Thermo Beech / MFSCTBXX

Thermo wood

Thermo oak / MFSCTEXX

Tropical wood


Solid wood

Rustic oak / MFSCER

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