Extremely durable with consistent colour and patterns
Navn & Farve:Beach Black - Polished / KBBXX
Lad et af naturens hårdeste elementer være køkkenets arbejdsplads. Let one of the nature’s toughest elements be your kitchen workplace. Composite is a natural product consisting of... Læs mere

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Stain resistant

Composite is contrary to granite a non-porous surface and thus more resistant to stains.

When the nature meet invovation

Made of composite, it is a natural product combined with high product properties.

Scratch resistance

It natural strength from Quartz makes it is very scratch resistant.

More quartz means more strength

Lad et af naturens hårdeste elementer være køkkenets arbejdsplads.

Let one of the nature’s toughest elements be your kitchen workplace.

Composite is a natural product consisting of approximately 95 % quartz, which a molded into an unique plate using resin and color pigments to create various color shades. Composite are on of the strongest minerals after precious stones. They gives extra strength in the surface which add exceptional resistant and hard-wearing properties to your kitchen.

It is a cold countertop, and therefore great for backing.

Product properties

Product properties for composite


Daily cleaning is done with a damp cloth.


Highly colored foods can discolor light surfaces and should be removed immediately. Quartz withstands most cleaning products, but for thorough cleaning, Q-Action is recommended, since it is a soap with caring components that protects all stone materials and emphasize their natural shine.

If the surface has become stained, it will withstand most detergents as quartz is acid resistant. However, be aware that incorrect cleaning with strong acid/alkaline as; Chlorine, Cillit Bang and similar products may permanently damage the surface (this is not covered by the warranty).

Composite generally remains neat with daily cleaning with a cloth. To remove limescale stains, use a 5% vinegar diluted 1:1 with water.


Scratch resistance

Always use a cutting board.

Composite is one of the hardest elements used for making countertops, and a quartz countertop is very scratch resistant. However, some materials that are naturally harder (e.g. steel knives) may damage the surface.


Composite withstands the impact of brief, moderate heat, but as pots and pans easily exceed the heat limit, trivets or similar are always recommended as high temperatures can cause permanent damage.


Composite is a non-porous surface that is highly resistant to stains (including stains from coffee, lemon juice, oil, vinegar, makeup, etc.), however, remove strongly coloured foods/liquids from particularly light-coloured panels as soon as possible, as they can leave permanent stains.

See our cleaning guide for Q-action
Installations of sinks

Flush mounting in composite

The sink is fitted from above so that the sink’s flange is visible. Please note: Sinks are not 100% flat, so there may be irregularities in the sink flange. It is not possible to use flush-mounted cast sinks as well as 12 mm hotplates.
Please note: The sinks flange and tray takes up space under the countertop.

See the assortment of sinks

Undermounted in composite

Undermilling in composite

Integral mounting in composite

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Beach Black - Polished / KBBXX


Beach Dark Grey - Polished / KBDGXX


Beach Iceberg - Polished / KBIXX


Divinity Black - Polished / KBDXX


Pure White - Polished / KPWXX


Blanco Maple - Polished / SPBMXX


Blanco Zeus Extreme - Polished / SPBZEXX


Coral Clay - Polished / SPCCXX


Corktown - Suede / SSCOXX


Desert Silver - Suede / SSDSXX


Et. Calacatta Gold - Polished / SPCGXX


Lagoon - Polished / SPLXX


Marengo - Polished / SPMAXX


Miami White - Polished / SPMWXX


Negro Tabas - Polished / SPNTXX


Poblenou - Suede / SSPXX


Belgian desert / KBDXX


Belgian Earth / KBEXX


Crea beton light / KCBLXX

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