Rethink quality

For HORN, the concept of sustainability and accountability is an evolutionary journey that never stops. An ongoing journey that will cointain dilemmas and bumps along the way. But will be worth it because we want to make a difference and take responsibility.

A bright future

We know very well that we are not perfect. But even if we have not found the solution to everything that sustainability covers, we believe that the small changes and actions, as well as the hassle and extra effort, will make a difference in the long term.

We want to be at the forefront and inspire others to make changes within responsible development, so that together we can change our behavior and choose more sustainable solutions.

Here your can see our latest reporting on our efforts, read more about the challenges we face and chech in on our ongoing progress.

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In our work with sustainable and responsible development, we have undertaken to rethink how we define the concept of quality, as the market standard is still primarily focused on: Price - Delivery security - Low error rate. We both can and will embrace more broadly than that.

Anna Kathrine Ahler Karkov / Head of Business Development and Brand

HORN is B Corp certified!

… And exactly what did that mean?

It means a lot to us and we hope it means something to you too.

Being a B Corp certified company is a sign that you are running a business where it is about something else and more than creating profit. In fact, we have written down as a common guideline that our overall goal is to have a significant positive impact on society and the environment as a whole through our business and operations. And we are now committed to this to our board, partners and colleagues.

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Rethink the concept of quality for the sake of the future  

For HORN, the concept of sustainability is a journey of development. A journey we describe in all humility, because what we thought was sustainable just 5 years ago is so far from what is sustainable and responsible for us today, and very different from what we think is “sustainalbe” just 5 years from now.

When we started our journey to incorporate more sustainable solutions, our focus was third party certified products and solutions. Thereby assuring our customers that what we said we were doing was approved by a third party to actually be more sustainable than competing products.

er begrebet bæredygtighed en udviklingsrejse – En rejse vi beskriver i al ydmyghed, for hvad vi troede var bæredygtigt for bare 5 år siden, er så langt fra hvad der for os er bæredygtigt og ansvarligt i dag, og vidt forskelligt fra hvad vi tror er “bæredygtigt” -Bare 5 år fra nu.  

Da vi startede vores rejse med at inkorporere flere bæredygtige løsninger, var vores fokus 3. parts certificerede produkter og løsninger, for på den måde at sikre vores kunder, at det vi sagde vi gjorde, var godkendt af en tredje part, til faktisk at være mere bæredygtigt end konkurrerende produkter. 

In our work with sustainable and responsible development, we have committed ourselves to rethinking how we define the concept of quality. As the market standard is still primarily focused on: Price – Delivery security – Low error rate. We are actually quite good at all those parameters, but want to do more than that. We both can and want to.

If we are to be a leader in responsible and sustainable development in the future, we know that we must have a holistic perspective that affects all our actions.

We must look at how we can make it better for both you, our end user, the environment and not least our employees.

Quality for the future of countertops

Quality for customers

For our customers and end users, we know that we do well when we are able to offer high-quality, well-designed products with the right service. We do better when all these things are incorporated into a certified, sustainable product for your product safety.

Quality for the environment

In terms of the environment, we are of course doing quite well thanks to our completed certifications and the development process that these have initiated. But we have a massive climate crisis and we all - even small and medium-sized companies like HORN, which are not necessarily affected by regulations yet - need to do more to fight global warming. Therefore we have calculated our CO2 impact at both product and company level. It is a comprehensice process, but we need a 100% overview of our emissions, in order to be able to educate our customers about the products that have the lowest impact on the environment. But also start developing products and finding solutions for how we as a company can lower our CO2 footprint.

Quality for employees

HORN is located in a field in the middle of Jylland, far away from any big city! But for some reason, we find that our ability to attract new employees is improving, partly because they want to join us on our sustainable development journey. We know we can improve our ability to include and inform existing employees in this journey, they are the reason we continue to produce great products, still in Denmark. Therefore, we strive to incorporate better initiatives for the benefit of our employees.

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