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We rethink and challenge the countertop of the future

The perfect countertop helps to complete a dream kitchen. But for us it is more than just a countertop, as we want to challenge and develop the materials so that they are produced more responsibly for the benefits for you, our employees and the enviorment. Explore the collections Our approach to accountability

30-year guarantee on the quality of our products

Everyone should be able to choose products that support responsible development. We give you the opportunity to choose Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, FSC® and Indoor climate-certified countertops, without compromising on either design or quality. Explore the collections Our approach to accountability

Discover the new colors of our stone range

We have expanded with a new in-house stone production facility, which is why we have a lot of great new products within composite and ceramics.

Explore our range and find inspiration for your dream kitchen.

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Countertop inspiration

Be inspired by our solutions

Our range is wide and there is something for every taste that can be matched to exactly your style. The possobilities are many – Be inspired by how others have put together their kitchen.

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No compromise

No compromize with either design or quality

We want to give our partners and customers the opportunity to combine design and quality with sustainability and certifications that set the standard for what to expect.

We are therefor enormously proud of our certified countertops, which are the first on the market to excel by being fully certified to comply with the environmental standards, requirements and legislation of the entire European market. Our certifications are a symbol of HORN's quality principles and our contribution to secure good production conditions for our employees, a healthy indoor climate for the end user, and participation in improving environmental conditions, which also enables extra points in building certification schemes.

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Our retailers and partners

About HORN

For us, social responsibility is important and necessary

Our quality principles have a strong focus on our responsibility for the environment and the health of our end customers. Thus, social and financial responsibility, environmental awareness, quality focus and innovative solutions are the cornerstones of HORN's market offer.

Quality - all the way through

HORN offers a 30-year quality guarantee on our products. The concept of quality is being thought through in a new way that provides value for both the environment, those involved in production and you as the end user.

We have a countertop for every style and need

At HORN we are a total supplier of countertops, we specialize in the various materials to deliver a nice finish and offer training and advice in the process of choosing materials.

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Inspiration from others

Be inspired by how our customers have decorated their kitchens with a HORN counertop, and hear about the considerations they have made and, not least, their experience with the countertop after use.


Be inspired by Hybel house, who have chosen a black Fenix 20 mm countertop in their showroom.

Mette's combination of materials

Mette has combined her kitchen with 2 different countertops, a gorgeous kitchen island in oak with antique oil and the main kitchen countertop in black laminate. Foto: Mette Billund with the profile @Villa Version 2020

Adelin's Nordic home

Adelin has a lovely way of combining colors in her home. The warm and light colors are beautifully combined with oak. Photo credit Adelin, Instragram profile: @bjoerge.interior

Malin's dream kitchen

"We are very pleased with the choice of countertop for our kitchen. It has a fine structure with a hint of glitter, which gives it a little something extra" Countertop: A-3302 Mika, Photo credit and home: @by_maliin, Malin Habbestad

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