Denwood by HORN

Exclusive products produced from surplus materials

We take responsibility towards our employees seriously, and we want to ensure the best possible community with room for everyone.

CEO Jakob Bressendorf
Our philosophy

When life give you lemons...

Our current consumption is not sustainable and we produce far too much waste. For many years, we clearly saw this negative trend in our countertop production, when we sent our employees home with lovely "firewood". It might have been a nice arrangement, but it was certainly not sustainalbe in the long run, as our "waste" is raw material of high quality and value. So to change our focus and start approaching our waste as something positive, we looked at how we could turn waste into something desirable.

Danish-made interior

Our interior line was found in 2016 as a social enterprise called 'Denwood', to start upcycling all waste material from our countertop production and design new home accessories from materials that used to be thrown away. In 2020 we made Denwood a bigger part of HORN and our daily work. Changing the name to Denwood by HORN to ensure a clear market focus, but also to improve our material flow, which will eventually enable us to ensure a closed, circular loop and a potential takeback system. To be honest, Denwood by HORN are quite good at what they do. So today we no longer have enough residual wood materal and are therefore looking into how we can obtain new materials and sources of material, including recycled materials from companies other than HORN, to ensure sufficient supply, but also help others minimize their waste.

Stronger together

In addition to recycling residual products and waste, we are very aware of our socially responsible potential. That's why, from the beginning, we hired employees who for various reasons have reduced working capacity to help them get their working life back on track. We do this in collaboration with municipalities and job centres, and we find that the solution is not only valuable for the employees concerned, but actually for our entire company, as the action unites our common values and interests in showing respect and commitment. Today, on average, Denwood by HORN employees are around 50% on "special terms".

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