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Steel countertops used to be associated with industrial kitchens, but today we see that it has become a popular and exclusive choice. – often in contrast to and in combination with other... Læs mere

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The stainless steel surface is non-porous and thus neither soak liquids nor dirt. Great for cooking and baking.

Long durability

Patina will occur, but it does not affect functionality and the surface is indestructible.

Easy to maintain

Requires no special maintenance since daily cleaning is easily done with a damp cloth

An exclusive choice

Steel countertops used to be associated with industrial kitchens, but today we see that it has become a popular and exclusive choice. – often in contrast to and in combination with other countertop types, for example, used around a hob and/or sink, as the material is practical, resistant and durable.

The steel surface is closed and stainless steel is an indestructible and hygienic material that is highly resistant to household liquids.

A steel worktop will be available with either a polished or curled surface. After use, wear scratches will appear as a natural patination of the surface. This is normal and part of choosing steel as a material.

HORN offers solid steel sheets as well as steel sheets made from 1.5 mm stainless steel bonded to a chipboard core.

Product features

Product features for steel


Daily cleaning is done with a damp cloth.

The surface should afterwards be wiped off with a dry cloth to avoid limescales.


Does not require any special maintenance, but it is a good idea to regularly (1-2 times a month) use an oil to maintain the steel worktop (e.g. Henkel Cromol, which is a vegetable oil approved for this purpose).

Dried-in stains are easily removed with warm water and washing-up liquid. Never scrape away stains.

Note: Steel is not acid-resistant. Any limescale deposits can be removed with a vinegar mixture or other non-corrosive descaling agents.

Scratch resistance

Steel is not scratch-resistant, and over time there will be scratches from use that should be considered patina. This is normal and a natural part of choosing steel as a material – whether it’s for countertops or sinks.

Never use sharp objects directly on the steel surface, but always use a chopping board. Avoid dragging materials such as ceramics and cast iron pots directly across the steel worktop as they will scratch the surface.

Steel wool, wire brushes and similar abrasives should not be used for cleaning. Minor scratches can be removed with cleaning agents containing abrasives (e.g. liquid scouring powder). BUT! As the use of scouring cream or other abrasives can scratch and/or leave the steel worktop with a different lustre, this should only be done by professionals.


A common mistake is to think that steel is heat resistant. While we understand the confusing, as many trivets and similar is made of steel, we must point out, that stainless steel countertops is not heat resistant!

Extreme heat may result in discolorations on the surface or that the underlying chipboard core is damaged. This is not covered by our guarantee. Stainless steel countertops tolerate light impact of heat – But avoid placing pots and pans directly on the surface.


The steel surface is completely sealed and therefore resistant to liquids.

The surface is hygienic and therefore often used in industrial kitchens.

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Installations of sinks

Welded sinks in steel

Steel sinks must be welded in the plate in such a way that sink and counter top are one piece

The sink flange and any tray can take up space under the worktop.

Tap holes drilled directly into sheets of bonded chipboard are not recommended, as the chipboard core is porous and moisture-absorbent.

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