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Linoleum is a beautifully designed product made from natural materials with linseed oil as a base. The surface has a special treatment that gives the linoleum countertop its characteristic look and... Læs mere

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Add colours to your kitchen

f you want a colourful kitchen, linoleum allows you to play with the shades of the season.

Natural materials

Made of pure vegetable linseed oil and natural resin, added wood flour, lime and colour pigments.

Elegant matte surface

Always looks matte and natural and feels warm and comfortable to the touch.

Natural products

Linoleum is a beautifully designed product made from natural materials with linseed oil as a base. The surface has a special treatment that gives the linoleum countertop its characteristic look and texture, as well as making it anti-static and minimising fingerprints.

Linoleum has the property that the inevitable small scratches on the surface will reduce over time and simply become a natural patina. However, be careful with the material if it is used in kitchen work zones. As linoleum is not water- or heat-resistant, you need to use screeds to protect the surface.

Linoleum is a surface that requires maintenance and a certain ‘tenderness’. Daily cleaning is done with a cloth in clean warm water. Soapy water can be used if the countertop is very dirty. HORN recommends linoleum cleaner for thorough cleaning and care of the surface. Do not use ordinary sulfo liquid and harsh detergents!


Construction of linoleum

A. Surface-treatment with a cross-bottomed, matte PU acrylic lacquer that preserves the special radiance of linoleum and prevents light reflections.

B. A layer of linoleum granulates.

C. Impregnated felt cardboard.

D. Glued onto a chipboard (20, 30, and 40 mm).

E. Attached to a contra laminate

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Product features


Daily cleaning is done with a damp cloth.
Avoid using sulfo based products, soap and ammonium chloride containing detergents that can damage the surface and make it look old and worn out.

Please note that linoleum is an organic material. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of linoleum in areas with high impact of water and strong chemical substances – Including alkaline cleaning products that may degrade linoleum.


A special Linoleum care product is recommended for regular maintenance of the organic surface.

Linoleum Care is a soap-based detergent and care product that provides a practical protective layer and effective cleaning.

Spot removal: For linoleum surface is it recommended to always use trivets or similar under flower pots, vases, glasses etc.

If stains occur, it is important to remove them as quickly as possible to prevent it from penetrating the material.

penetrating the material.

If the above treatment does not help, stains may be removed by softening the surface with a specialized linoleum care product, such as FORBO cleaner for approx. 5 min. Carefully spread the cleaner with a soft sponge, cloth or similar. Finish off by wiping away the dirty cleaner with a cloth.

See more maintenance guide for linoleum


Scratch resistance

Be careful if the material is used in the kitchen. -Scratches is permament and will be visible.

A linoleum care product may minimize minor surface scratches.

1. Spray a good layer of linoleum care on the surface
2. Leave for 5-10 minutes to let it sink into the linoleum surface.
3. Massage the linoleum care product into the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth till the surface is dry.


Linoleum is not heat resistant. Always use trivits or similar.

Warm house-hold appliances can ruin the linoleum surface and should be placed on a protective surface. Gas rings may not be used in linoleum worktops.


The linoleum surface is not resistant to liquid, if left for too long it can cause stains and marks. Therefore, linoleum care must be applied to provide a protective layer.

Linoleum is glued to a chipboard core.

See our maintenance guide
Installations of sinks

Flushmounted sink in linoleum

Sinks in our program is only for flushmounted in linoleum. Note: The surface of sinks are not 100% flat, why minor unevenness may be experienced along the edge.

Drilling tap holes directly into tops is not recommended as the core will absorb moisture. If the surface breaks, seal with silicone.

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