Indoor Air Comfort

Securing your indoor climate
Indoor Air Comfort certificeringens betydning

Ensuring indoor air quality 

Most of us stay indoors most of the time – both at work and at home. It is important for HORN to ensure that the products we produce and deliver do not risk having a negative impact on our end users’ indoor climate, where they can create unpleasant nuisances and affect health, where the symptoms of poor indoor climate can be anything from irritation in the eyes, nose and neck rash to headache, nausea but also more serious health complications.

We have chosen to work with the Indoor Air Comfort certification, as it integrates international environmental standards and requirements for VOC emissions in one brand. For example BREEAM International, BREEAM-NOR, LEED, FEMB, M1 (incl. fragrance and ammonia test), E1 classification and French (A+) VOC legislation. The certification also complies with the criteria for degassing from voluntary labeling schemes, such as the Nordic Swan label, the EU Ecolabel and the international German Blur Angel. The combination of relevant international rules and voluntary labeling schemes for the emission of products makes the certification one of the most ambitious marks for low VOC emissions.

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