FSC® Certified wood

Your HORN countertop must also provide food on the table for those who have held it in their hands.
What FSC means for you

FSC® certified wood

FSC® is the world’s most ambitious global certification for resonsible forestry and your security for wood and paper from well-managed forests and other responsible sources. FSC® works both for nature and human conditions in the world’s forest areas.

HORN is both an FSC® member and certified on all wooden countertops, as it is precisely important to ensure that wood is traded in, where environmental, social and financial responsibility is demostrated. Regardless of where your HORN countertop comes from, you are therefore assured that in the area of origin sustainable development is being worked on, the conditions for the workers and their local communities are improved, child labor is eradicated, and that the biological systems are secured and wildlife preserved.

The certification includes an extensive traceability system that checks the origin of the wood and that no more wood is cut than the forest can reproduce. Traceability applies to all links in the value chain. Only in this way can our customers be sure that the wood used comes from a responsible source, in fact as many as 56% of Daness recognize the FSC label, and as the only certification and labeling scheme of its kind, FSC is backed by recognized NGO’ is like the WWF World Wildlife Fund and the World’s Forests.

The importance of choosing FSC® certified wood – Did you know..? 

  • A study of forests in northwestern North America has shown that FSC-certified forests commonly store 25-60% more CO2 than non-FSC-certified forests – in some cases as much as 80% more.
  • Manager of FSC®-certified forests must minimize disturbances associated with tree felling. Unlike conventional logging, it helps preserve habitats for larger populations of mammals and birds such as Malayan bears and Argus pheasants across the tropics. 
  • Living and working conditions (eg. health insurance and safety procedures) are better for workers in FSC-certified forests than in non-certified forests in many countries in the Congo Basin. 
  • A study of FSC-certified forests in the Congo Basin has shown that even in remote forests, forest workers have access to medical care. This is important, as deaths and serious injuries often occur among forest workers.
Sustainability now and in the future
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