Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Looking at the entire journey of the product
The importance of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for you

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Many of us are now familiar with the little green swan mark from the everyday products we buy such as soap, washing powder or baking paper etc. Because the Swan Ebolabel is such a strong benchmark for responsible consumption in everyday life, HORN chose to be the first countertop manufacturer to start Swan Ecolabelling the range.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the strictest environmental certifications for products, and with a high level of awareness that makes it easy for our end users to choose from among the best environmentally friendly products.

 The Nordic Swan Ecolabel looks at the product’s entire journey

The aim of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is to reduce the overall environmental impact from production and consumption. It is an ambitious and difficult goal because it requires knowing where on the product’s journey the environmental problems arise, where they are greatest, and what to do about it. That is why the Nordic Swan Ecolabel looks at what is called the life cycle. This means throughout the product’s journey and the environmental problems tat ariese along the way – to protect both people, the environment and the earth’s resources.

When you as a consumer buy a product in a store, it has already been a long journey. Firt the product has been designed, then raw materials have been sourced, and then the product has been produced by employees in a factory, and energy and chemicals may have been used in the process. The next part of the journey is to package the products and transport them to a store where you as a consumer can buy the product to take home and use in your daily life. Finally, the product is sorted into recycable groups of waste.

It’s all part of the product’s journey – and along the way it leaves a footprint on the environment, climate and people. The footprint depends on which raw materials are used, how the product is manufactured and what the consumer and nature are exposed to during use.

In order for the product to be Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, it must meet strict requirements during the different phases of the journey. The most stringent requirements will be at the steps of the journey where there is the greatest opportunity to reduce environmental impact, and the requirements depend on the type of product. Looking at the entire product’s journey helps to distinguish the Nordic Swan Ecolabel from most other labeling schemes, which often look at a single part of the journey.

Make a difference

You can help make a difference

Maybe you think that it doesn’t make a big difference to the environment whether you choose Swan Ecolabeled products or not. But preciesly the small choices are important because we make so many of them every day. When you as a consumer choose products with the Swan Ecolabel, you are therefore helping to make a difference.

You contribute to: 

  • A richer and cleaner nature
  • Better chemistry in everyday life
  • Responsible use of the earth’s resources
  • A smaller climate footprint
  • A sustainable future
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