The loft apartment

Be inspired by Birgitte, who in her cozy loft apartment has put together a countertop in black oiled oak with doors that stand out in their raw expression.

Even though I'm a half-grown woman and have lived for over half a lifetime, this is the first time I've had a BRAND NEW KITCHEN. Because I'm a bit of a creative soul and it was up to me and my wallet to decide, I could do almost anything I wanted. I have always thought the countertop should be in solid black oiled oak from HORN. I just love the raw and dignified expression it has. And it is massive, which means that I have a plate for life if I take care of it - and I do!

Birgitte Rømer

The common thread in the kitchen

As the finishing touch, Birgitte has chosen cutlery inserts in the same type of oiling as the countertop. The dark oiled drawers give a raw, slightly unpolished look exactly like the lower ones – while the connection with the tabletop gives an overarching look that is not only complete, but also exclusive.

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Care and maintenance

Many have been afraid to choose wood countertops, because we have been told that it is difficult to maintain, while in reality it is hard-wearing material, as long as you remember to oil it BEFORE it gets dry. In addition, wood has the advantage that it is easy to repair should there be a damage and not least, you can easily change the color with a new oil, which speaks right into the sustainability focus of the time, where we should be better at repairing instead of throwing out, and keeping our materials longer – for example with a new oil, so that the color matches the trends we want to follow.

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