Oiling of solid wood

HORNs solid wood countertops are oiled at the factory with one of the market’s most thorough oiling processes on both the front and back. Solid wood countertops are never finished, they require ongoing care and maintenance, as wood is a natural material that absorbs and releases moisture in step with changes in temperature and humidity. Without proper care the countertop can run the risk of drying out and thus warping, cracking or becoming stained if the wood has not recieved the necessary moisture from oiling. Thorough maintenance already upon receipt of the countertop ensures a long life and that the countertop stays looking good.

To ensure that the wood is initially saturated with oil, is it recommended to oil the board at the following interval: 

• Care for the solid wood countertop immediately after installation, then 2 more times at 3-day intervals.
• Care for the solid wood countertop once a month for the first 6 months.
• Care for the solid wood countertop 2-4 times a year. 


No guarantee is given for damage caused by the solid wood countertop being untreated or inadequately treated.

It is always recommended to use HORN’s care oil that was used for base oiling.

HORN Care oil: Care and maintenance of kitchen countertops and other solid wood surfaces

  1. Before maintenance oiling, lightly sand the plate with a sanding sponge (grit 220). NOTE: It is important to sand along the veins.
  2. The countertop is wiped with a hard-wrung cloth until all plaster dust has been removed. NOTE: Sulfo products must not be used.
  3. When the countertop is dry, apply HORN care oil in a thin, even layer with a sponge or lint-free cloth. NOTE: It is important that the countertop is completely dry before oiling.
  4. Wipe away the excess oil with a clean, lint-free oil. NOTE: The oil has a drying time of 5-10 minutes. Excess oil must be wiped away before the oil is dry. 
  5. HORN recommends that you wait approx. 12 hours before the countertop is put into use, as this allows the wood to absorb any excess oil. 
  6. If the plate has become very dry since the last oiling, the process can be repeated after 3 days.

The above treatment is generally repeated after the above-mentioned interval, but if the countertop appears dull or scaly, it must be treated immediately.

Note: Cloths used for oiling should be packed in an airtight bag and disposed of as residual waste.
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