Solid wood with a rustic look

Product information

HORN is experiencing increasing demand for countertops in rustic wood. Rustic countertops are made of solid wood where all healthy and natural colors, structures, larger and smaller knots and cracks are permitted.

Dry cracks in larger knots are filled with polyamide woodrepair filler before delivery.
However, to preserve the rustic feel and natural look, minor cracks, holes and knots that have not been filled with polyamide will occur upon delivery.
Because the wood is a living and moving material, minor cracks may appear later on.

Remember regular care and maintenance with oil.

In the images shown, you can see that HORN is characterizes as natural elements in rustic wood countertops.

It is important to emphasize that all wood is of course hand-sorted before production itself, and with continuous quality control throughout the manufacturing pricess. We ensure that the rustic elements are healthy and natural.

Note that these cracks, holes and dents are not eligible for complaints. However, a small amount of woodrepair filling is always included if a less rustic surface is desired.

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