Cleaning and maintenance

Daily cleaning is done with a clean  cloth wrung out in warm water. Always wipe up liquids so that the wood is not left wet for long periods of time, otherwise it could soak into the surface and leave marks. 

Colored liquids and foods such as red wine and curry, should be removed as soon as possible to avoid discolouration.

Excessive use of soap based products is generally not recommended, as it can dry out the wood, thus removing the effect of the oil as a protective surface. A mild cleaning product can be used for thorough cleaning – but be careful with the oiling and pay extra attention to whether the wood appears dry.

A countertop that appears dry can be caused by the following:

  • Excessive use of soap based products
  • It’s been a long time since it last was last oiled
  • Direct sunlight and high indoor temperatures

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents

  • Chlorine, salmiak and liquid green floor soap have a corrosive effect
  • Detergents containing scouring powder are scratchy. 
  • Solvents (acetone, alcohol, turpentine etc.) attack the surface treatment and damage the wood. 

Why can dark rings occur on solid wood?

Coloring liquids can cause discolouration of the wood and should be removed as soon as possible.

Wood types with a naturally high acid content (eg. oak), has a risk of absorbing rust and getting metal deposits from cake tins, pots and etc. This is expressed by dark markings which in the worst case can penetrate all the way down through the wood. If the damage has occured you can often be lucky to be able to grind the mark away. If the rust is deep in the wood, you must be aware that sanding can leave an indentation. 

Thorough and regular oil treatment protects against stains, but HORN recommends that cake tins, pans, pots etc. is placed on a protective surface. 


Get professional help

If you want advice and guidance on care and/or maintenance, you can contact your supplier to order a service carried out by professionals.  

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