Elegant laminate for the family with children

New contruction with high ceilings, and room for the heart of families with children
New construction of typical houses

New construction where theres room for the heart

For many families, the kitchen is the meeting point in busy everyday life. This is where you eat together, cook, do homework – and generally just meet to talk about the day. For the family here, it was important that their kitchen could accommodate both their group of children, with good, usable elements and surfaces, but also their sense of quality materials and design.

We are really happy with our choice of countertop! We think it's great that it's easy to clean and generaly quite practical, at the same time that it has a nice stone look that gives a little play in the surface and has a warm depth in the grayish tones that suit our doors.

Charlotte and Kenneth
Information about the laminate sufaces


The surface is affordable and easy to clean, and therefore the obvious choice if you want a workplace that can withstand being used without special maintenance.

WG-BZ173 Sentira

The laminate chosen is called WG-BZ173 Sentira (Sentira is the surface designation and this is matt). The surface is one of the more modern versions of laminate, which achieves a very natural look. While the surface is easy to maintain, you must of course be aware that laminate is not scratch-resistant, and that scratches are more obvious on practicularly the matt surface and monochromatic laminates. However, this laminate has a play og colors and prints that minimize the visibility of scratches. It has a practical surface, where the play of colors in the print hides traces of wandering, scratches and dirt. WG-BZ173 Sentira, is out-phased but we can offer a replacement very similar to EG-F173 ST75.

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The "WG-BZ173 Sentira" laminate is part of our "Stone Collection". The laminate board has a thickness of 0.8 mm which is glued to a chipboard and is available in the following thicknesses: 11 (splash panel), 20, 30, and 40 mm. It can be made in a maximum length of 4090 mm. And available with ABS edges.

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