B Corp

We want to make a difference in out society. With the B Corp certification, we are continiously measured on whether we make decisions that are responsible from a holistic point of view.

How to become a B Corp? 

To become B Corp certified, HORN has met some of the highest goals in terms of transparency, social and enviormental responsibility. It is a 360-degree examination of the entire business. By documenting over 230 parameters within management, employees, society, the enviorment and customers. 

To obtain a certification, a score of over 80 points is required, and we are proud to achieve a total initial score of a whopping 94,9 points.

Employee (HORN Score 25.7/40)

An assessment of  the company’s measures towards its employees to ensure financial and health security, as well as opportunities for career development, commitment and satisfaction. 

It is particularly through our employment of employees on the edge of the labor market that we have achieved our excellent score.

We want to be a company with room for diversity, opportunities for influence, a focus on continuing education and improved skills for the individual, and not least a strong commitment. We know that we have historically been challenged to create diversity amoung our employees – but also see huge potential in precisely ensuring a diverse empolyee composition.

In addition, we have a broad network collaboration with other companies with a focus on sustainability and responsibility, because we know how important it is that we constantly become smarter about where we can improve.

Customers (HORN 3.5/5)

An assessment of the company’s relationship with customers through product quality and services, ethical marketing, privacy policies and feedback.

We have high standards for our product quality, which our third-party certifications support. This contributes to the fact that we can offer a 30-year guarantee to out customers. We have a low complaint rate, and we offer various partner packages that ensure that any errors are resolved quickly with the end customer.

We also offer security packages where HORN takes all responsibility from measurement to installation, which ensures that customers have a worry-free process. We have a customer center that is helpful with questions that guides our customers safely through ordering.

We have a common goal to give our customers the best experience with HORN.

Society (HORN 15.5 / 40)

An assessment of the company’s contribution and commitment to the society it operates in, hires and purchases from. The item involves diversity, inclusion, financial responsibility, charity and value chain management. 

HORN has close cooperation with the nearby municipalities regarding the employment of employees who are on the edge of the labor market and who therefore need to start out in flex jobs or other forms of special employment. We offer tasks that are adapted to the needs of the individual and work to ensure a tolerant enviorment and good conditions regardless of gender, age and challenges.

The local community is very important to us, as Aulum is the place where it all started for our two founders. It is our clear ambition to maintain production and administration in Aulum, and we are visible in supporting local initiatives, association life and businesses in the local area.

As part of our transparency principle, we want to share our experiences and inspire others to make a positive difference, for example through lectures, networking groups, public ESG reports and via marketing.

Management (HORN 14.9/20)

An assessment of the company’s mission, commitment to social and enviormental initiatives, ethics and transparency.

HORN’s mission is to set the standard for responsibly produced, quality work surfaces that are digitally integrated into our customer’s everyday life and promote the user’s perception of quality. We work actively with calculations of CO2 footprints on both our products and at the company level of scope 1, 2 and 3. HORN’s transparency of data takes place via publication of economic, social and enviormental data, for example through our adherence to the UN Global Compact, and hence long-term reporting of efforts and development in the area of sustainability.

HORN has an anonymous whistleblower system, which creates security and the opportunity to be able to ensure that criminal matters do not occur in the company.

In the process of becoming B Corp certified, we have changed both objectives and articles of association, so that the social and enviormental consequences must always be considered when makin decisions.

The environment (HORN 35.1 / 105)

An assessment of the company’s environmental responsibility and measures within air, climate, water and biodiversity.

In this category, it has primary been a great strength for HORN to have the FSC, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Indoor Air Comfort certifications in advance, as they all work to protect the environment, e.g. through organized management of for example deforestation and protection of animal species. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Indoor Air Comfort ensure that the contents of the products do not contain substances harmful to our health.

We try to optimize our production and thereby minimize our residual materials, where scrapes within several product groups are sent to Denwood by HORN, who then upcycle these into new, beautiful interior products.

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