Sales terms and conditions

Sales and delivery terms

1. Application and validity

  1. Any delivery of products is subject to the following terms and conditions of sale and delivery, unless these have been waived in a written agreement.
  2. The buyer’s specification of special terms in quotation material, orders, etc. shall not be deemed a release of the terms below unless Denwood by HORN has accepted these in writing.

2. Force majeure

  1. The buyer is not entitled to compensations or to rescind the agreement in the event of non-performance if this is due to Force Majeure.
  2. Force Majeure exists if a part or its subcontractor is precented from obtaining raw materials or labor for the delivery, caused by government regulations, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, blockades, fire, accidents, floods, water shortages, operational disruptions, traffic disruptions, or other similar events that could not have been foreseen by Denwood by HORN at the time of entering into this agreement.

3. Offer/order

  1. Offers are non-binding and may only be regarded as indicative and non-binding unless other agreed in writing.
  2. An order between the buyer and Denwood by HORN is not deemed to have been concluded until we have sent an order confirmation.
  3. Cancellation or modification of an order is only considered accepted with Denwood by HORN’s written approval.
  4. In case of late cancellation or modification, the buyer can be held liable for Denwood by HORN costs and losses on the order.

5. Prices

  1. The final price will appear in our order confirmation, the prices are day rates ex stock and incl. VAT unless otherwise stated.
  2. Denwood by HORN reserves the right to price changes, specifications and currency corrections at any time without notice. We reserve the right for printing errors.
  3. We reserve the right for printing errors.

6. Delivery

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is at the buyer’s expense and risk.
  2. Any delivery time given by Denwood by HORN is estimated and we are not responsible for the consequences of delays beyond our control. This applies to strikes, transportation mishap and any other form of Force majeure.
  3. The buyer is not entitled to cancel the order and no compensation will be paid as a result of late delivery.
  4. If there is no posibility of a delivery receipt, the delivery is at the buyer’s own risk.
  5. Freight damage or deficiencies must be reported to the driver and noted on the waybill.

7. Payment

  1. The amount the item costs must be paid on delivery.
  2. If otherwise agreed, the right to change the payment terms is reserved.
  3. If the buyer cannot fulfill his payment obligation, we are entitled, without liability, to cancel the agreement.
  4. If the payment terms are not complied with, interest will be charged at 2% per month for each month part thereof on the outstanding amount due.
  5. In the event of deleayed payment, Denwood by HORN is entitled to charge a reminder fee of DKK 100 for each reminder.
  6. The buyer is not entitled to withhold any part of the purchase price as security for the fulfillment of counterclaims regarding other deliveries and such withholding will be considered a breach of the agreement.

8. Returns

  1. Returns are only accepted after agreement with Denwood by HORN.
  2. Custom-made og made-to-measure items are not returnable.
  3. The item must always be returned to Denwood by HORN in original and undamaged packaging. If the original packaging is damaged, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure proper packaging.

9. Check products are not damaged

  1. The buyer must inspect the goods immediately upon receipt and ensure that they are free of defects and nothing is missing.
  2. In the event of errors/shortcomings, the buyer is obliged to notify Denwood by HORN of the error within 7 days from the delivery of the item so that it can be taken into account.
  3. Send complaints to:

10. Warranty


  1. The warranty covers production errors and defects, material defects and functionality.
  2. Exceptions to these guarantees are products that have been subjected to violence, abuse, inadequate maintenance, improper storage.
  3. The warranty from Denwood by HORN only covers the repair or replacement of defective goods.
  4. It there are signs of shipping damage, this must be noted on the consignment note. If there are no remarks, the goods are considered to be in order upon receipt.

11. Personal data policy

  1. For Denwood by HORN, it is important to protect the personal data you share with us. Therefore we have a personal data policy that ensures that your information is processed responsibly, with respect for your privacy and of course in accordance with the legislation in the area.
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