Marie and Lars renovation project

In their renovation project, Marie and Lars have created a stylish kitchen, with a mix of delicious materials and DIY solutions.
Renovation project

Total renovation project of houses from 1960

In 2019, Marie and Lars bought a fine house in Norway from 1960 of 400 m2, which had to be completely renovated. You have been able to follow this project on their Instagram profile @villasoebakken, where they talk about the process of making optimal use of the house, opening it up and creating some good rooms with lots of light. Their combination of delicious materials and DIY solutions play well together, where in a perfect cocktail of classic shades, stylish elements and high-tech lighting, they have created a result that appears cozy with a raw twist.

We are very satisfied with both the DIY, the kitchen and the countertop.

Facts about the Laminate


Marie and Lars have chosen one of the most practical and hard-wearing laminates on the market. It is affordable and easy to mainatin and is therefore the obvious choice if you want a workplace that can withstand being used without special maintenance.

F-5984 MAT

The laminate chosen is called F-5984 with a matt surface. It is a practical surface, as there is no glare, and the play of colors in the print will hide traces of wandering, scratches and dirt.

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The F-5984 laminate is part of our "Original range". The laminate sheet itself has a thickness of 0.8 mm, which is glued to a chipboard and is available in the following thicknesses: 11 (splash panel), 20, 30 and 40 mm. It can be made in a maximum length of 4090 mm. And available with ABS edges.

Minimalist style

Do Marie and Lars match you home style. Then you can find more inspiration on their profile.

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