Social responsibility

How can we take social responsibility and ensure well-being and orderly relationships?
Qaulity for the people involved


Implementing a data driven approach to our sustai­nable agenda is a key focus, but we know that working with the social element of our sustainable and responsible development, we also need to start listening to what people are ac­tually saying.

What makes sense to our employee, what do they find valuable, how do we ensure they leave work happy, and not least wake up happy to have a job at HORN.

Made in Denmark

We have a strong craftmanship and design heritage. To support local community activity, we have made an active choice to keep our business facilities in the small Danish village; Aulum.

We therefore naturally comply with Danish legislation, which fulfils international conventions. Furthermore our certified products in general set high standards to the entire value chain regarding both environment, labour- & human rights.

Revitalized working environment

Our starting point is alright, but we are very much aware of our social responsibility and know that our success is based on our employees and their individual expertise and craftsmanship and therefore strive to advance their employment terms.

Sustainable sourcing practices

As we source materials from most of the world, we know that we need to start finding solutions, that secures basic rights of all workers along our value chain, and hope, that nomatter our size and resources, we will be able to influence more sustainable sourcing practices, by making the right material choices.

Documented effects

We have a responsibility to ensure that our plans and ambitions to ensure quality for the people involved in our productions processes is implemented. This year we obtained the B-Corp (Better Corporation) certification, which measure our entire social and environmental impact and set goals for its members to meet high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency in its work with employees and their benefits. The certification help us draw a holistic overview of where to improve our actions, to establish the best working environment for our colleagues both internally and throughout our value chain.

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