Guide to acoustic panels

Intstallation instructions

How to install acoustic panels

The acoustic panels consists of ready-made modules that are easy to handle when they are to be mounted on walls or ceilings.

Below you will find a video guide on how to install your acoustic panels step by step.

Alternatively, you can download BY VENØ’s data sheet with more information about installation.


Tips for installation

Guide for installing acoustic panels

Directly on the wall

Mounting glue: apply the glue to the panels and place it against the wall. Make sure to press it down firmly. Screws: screw the panel through the felt and into the wall. We recommend using 15 screws per panel as illustrated in the drawing to the right. Remember to use rawplugs if your wall type requires it.

On a formwork

For optimal sound absorption, install a formwork with 45 mm studs on your wall. We recommend a spacing of 600 mm between your studs. Insert mineral wool between the studs. Screw the panel to the formwork through the felt.

Cutting panels

If you need to adjust your panels in length or width, you can easily cut them to size. When adjusting the length of the panel, we recommend a sharp saw (for example a plunge saw) to cut through both slats and felt. When adjusting the width of the panel, you can use a hobby knife to cut through the felt.



When you recieve your acoustic panels they are untreated.

If you want to give your wooden panels a different look, they can be oiled to add a different shade.

For oiling, our care oil is available in 5 color shades (natural, white, antique, grey and black) can be used.


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