Quality testing and documentation

Products with a good conscience

At HORN, we don’t compromise on quality.

It is important to us to create products that are made in accordance with current regulations on the market.

That’s why we select high-quality and delicious products and materials, as well as oils that are tested for content and food approved, as cutting boards for example, are in direct contact with food.

Of course, we also have test evidence that we deliver on our promises when we say that our acoustic panels make a difference to sound and that our products do not contain hazardous chemicals.


FSC® Certified wood

Wood used in Denwood by HORN products consists of FSC® certified wood, where the wood is traceable and your assurance that the wood orginates from areas that demostrate environmental, social and economic responsibility.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled acoustic panels

Our acoustic panels are produced by BY VENØ, which is known for paying close attention to details and for having an innovative apporach to product development. They are one of the first companies to recieve the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for their acoustic panels.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official environmental label for the Nordic countries and is recognized as one of the world’s strictest and most ambitious environmental certifications.

Read more about BY VENØ Swan Ecolabel
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